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iOS app coming soon.

You can manage your existing phone numbers, make and receive calls and send and receive SMS with your phone numbers using our Android app. To purchase phone numbers please use the website.

If you prefer to download the APK directly, use one of the links below. Version 1.9.0 was released on Sep 20, 2020. Please check back regularly for updates.

ARM64 dtmf-1.9.0-arm64.apk
SHA256: ed3768312058c2f40b2d7c82e91edd42558ae5255dd48c748c75a3ef9ea79795
ARM dtmf-1.9.0-arm.apk
SHA256: 2119ded9958de5afdba6c52599d3325ec6d314b43ef60aea6c791fe0867e0fbf
x86-64 dtmf-1.9.0-x86_64.apk
SHA256: dcbe8fd8e09bfeb5a4a16d2b264866afdd54de9e22655e7038c5511d7b609f55

The Android app does not depend on Google Play Services. It requires network access, vibration and sleep prevention permission (the latter used only during calls). It also requests, but does not require, camera access (for scanning a QR code to log in), microphone access (for calls), and contacts access (for displaying contact names only — we don't transmit any of your contact data to our servers).

Build from source

The app is open source under the MIT license, with the source code available on GitHub. As well as Android, you can build it for iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux (voice calls are not yet supported on Windows or Linux).

Arch Linux users can also find our app on the AUR: