Have the numbers been used before?
Our standard numbers come from a pool of numbers from each country, with new numbers regularly being added to the pool and older numbers released back to our suppliers. This means that your number may have been used by other parties recently, but will not have been in use for very long overall. We regularly return numbers to our suppliers to ensure that you receive high quality numbers.

Can I keep the number permanently?
Yes, we don't have a maximum rental period. As long as you keep your account balance above zero, the numbers you have rented will remain yours.

What happens if my account balance hits zero?
If your balance isn't sufficient when a number renews (every 30 days from when it's first rented), your number will be canceled. We recommend that you keep your balance topped up if you want to keep your numbers.

Can I get a reminder if my balance gets low?
At present, no. We don't collect any information from our customers, not even an email address, so we don't have a way of sending this notification. You could use our API to check your balance automatically on a schedule, or simply forecast when you need to top up based on your rental cost per minute and your current balance. If there is enough demand for a notification we will come up with a better solution.

Which browsers does voice support work with?
Setting up forwarding works in any browser. For making and receiving calls within the browser, you need a browser with good WebRTC support, meaning at least Firefox 59, Chrome 64, Edge 16 or Safari 11.

Do you have an API?
Yes - check out our API documentation.

What is your policy on unsolicited (spam) SMS messages and phone calls?
Using the DTMF service to send spam SMS messages or phone calls will result in your account being deactivated.

Can you supply German or Italian numbers?
Unfortunately these two countries require an identity document to be associated with all telephone numbers. We are working on supporting these numbers in the future.

How does DTMF.io protect my privacy?
As well as collecting no personal information from you, we've gone to great lengths to make sure that DTMF.io works without requiring Javascript. The one exception to this policy is in-browser voice support, which requires Javascript and communicates with Twilio to make and receive phone calls. If you block Javascript, this functionality will not work, but all other functionality including setting up voice call forwarding will still work.

Can I get a refund of my balance?
As a matter of policy we do not provide refunds - this is also clearly stated on the deposit page.

Is DTMF available as a Tor hidden service?
It is, at iq4exwd2bn3akjgn.onion. Please note that in-browser voice support won't work via the Tor network, because WebRTC uses UDP which can't be carried by Tor.

Do you provide support?
If your question isn't answered above, then please write to us at help@dtmf.io (please allow 48 hours for a response) or come to #dtmf on the Freenode IRC network. We're a small team, so please stay in the IRC channel after asking your question until you get a response - it may take up to 48 hours.