How does protect my privacy? does not use any analytics or tracking technology, and collects the minimum personal information necessary to provide our service. For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Does require Javascript?
Almost all functionality of works without Javascript. The one exception is in-browser voice support, which requires Javascript to make and receive phone calls. If you block Javascript, this functionality will not work, but all other functionality will still work including renting numbers, managing your existing rentals, sending and receiving SMS and setting up voice & SMS forwarding.

Which browsers does voice support work with?
Setting up forwarding works in any browser. For making and receiving calls within the browser, you need a browser with good WebRTC support, meaning at least Firefox 59, Chrome 64, Edge 16 or Safari 11.

Why do some numbers require an address on file?
Some countries' regulations require that phone numbers are linked to a valid address. In most cases this can be any address, but a few countries require an address within the same country as the phone number. You can see what type of address is required when renting a number.

Do you have an API?
Yes - check out our API documentation.

Can I keep the number permanently?
Yes, we don't have a maximum rental period. As long as you keep your account balance above zero, the numbers you have rented will remain yours.

What happens if my account balance hits zero?
If your balance isn't sufficient when a number renews (every 30 days from when it's first rented), your number will be canceled. We recommend that you keep your balance topped up if you want to keep your numbers. Additionally, if your balance hits zero during your number rentals, website and API functionality will be limited until you deposit additional funds.

Can I get a reminder if my balance gets low?
We'll be launching low balance reminders soon, for customers who choose to provide their email address. Alternatively, you could monitor your account balance using the API.

What is your policy on unsolicited (spam) SMS messages and phone calls?
Using the DTMF service to send spam SMS messages or phone calls will result in your account being deactivated.

Can I get a refund of my balance?
As a matter of policy we do not provide refunds - this is also clearly stated on the deposit page.

Is DTMF available as a Tor hidden service?
It is, at iq4exwd2bn3akjgn.onion. Please note that in-browser voice support won't work via the Tor network, because WebRTC uses UDP which can't be carried by Tor.

Do you provide support?
If your question isn't answered above, then please write to us at (please allow 48 hours for a response) or come to #dtmf on the Freenode IRC network. We're a small team, so please stay in the IRC channel after asking your question until you get a response - it may take up to 48 hours.