The rental costs and inbound SMS/call pricing for each type of number are shown below.

The cost of outbound SMS and calls depends only on the destination country and carrier. See the Outbound pricing page for details.

Mobile Local Toll-free

Country Rental
per month
per inbound message
per inbound minute
United States US$1.99 US$0.00 No
United Kingdom US$2.50 US$0.02 US$0.03
Sweden US$5.00 US$0.02 No
Lithuania US$7.50 US$0.02 Domestic only No
Poland US$7.50 US$0.02 No
Latvia US$7.50 US$0.05 No
Indonesia US$7.50 No US$0.04
Estonia US$7.50 US$0.02 No
Croatia US$15.00 US$0.02 No
Austria US$15.00 US$0.02 No
Switzerland US$20.00 US$0.02 No
Chile US$25.00 US$0.02 Domestic only No
Czech Republic US$30.00 US$0.02 Domestic only No
Israel US$35.00 US$0.02 No
Portugal US$37.50 US$0.11 No
Denmark US$37.50 US$0.02 US$0.03
Hungary US$62.50 US$0.02 No
Benin US$67.50 No US$0.32
Ghana US$67.50 No US$0.32
Mauritius US$107.50 No US$0.51
Macau US$175.00 No US$0.66
Singapore US$187.50 US$0.12 No
Philippines US$500.00 US$0.06 No

All pricing is subject to change without notice.