The rental costs and inbound SMS/call pricing for each type of number are shown below.

The cost of outbound SMS and calls depends only on the destination country and carrier. See the Outbound pricing page for details.

Mobile Local Toll-free

Country Rental
per month
per inbound message
per inbound minute
Canada US$2.50 US$0.02 US$0.02
Lithuania US$2.50 No US$0.03
United States US$2.50 US$0.02 US$0.02
Spain US$5.00 No US$0.03
New Zealand US$7.50 No US$0.03
Puerto Rico US$7.50 US$0.02 US$0.03
Israel US$10.00 No US$0.03
Brazil US$10.00 No US$0.03
Japan US$11.25 No US$0.03
Peru US$15.00 No US$0.03
Dominican Republic US$17.50 No US$0.03
El Salvador US$17.50 No US$0.03
Chile US$17.50 No US$0.03
Georgia US$35.00 No US$0.23
Colombia US$35.00 No US$0.23
Philippines US$37.50 No US$0.55
Kenya US$40.00 No US$0.03
Indonesia US$57.50 No US$0.06
Trinidad and Tobago US$67.50 No US$0.03
Barbados US$67.50 No US$0.07
Jamaica US$67.50 No US$0.03
Grenada US$67.50 No US$0.03
Cayman Islands US$72.50 No US$0.07
Namibia US$82.50 No US$0.26
Vietnam US$90.00 No US$0.46
Uganda US$100.00 No US$0.30
Tunisia US$300.00 No US$1.37

All pricing is subject to change without notice.